Who are we?

In 1993, the "For the Love Of Parrots Refuge Society" (FLOPRS) was established by Society President and founder Wendy Huntbatch and Horst Neumann.

Our Society operates the World Parrot Refuge, a special place that offers a permanent, loving home to abused, neglected and unwanted psittacines, and is also a home for loved parrots who are willed or given to the refuge due to the loss or infirmity of their owners.

The refuge is home to a large and ever-growing parrot population, many of whom arrive in various states of emotional and physical distress. FLOPRS is a registered non-profit organization that specializes in rehabilitating these birds by giving them lots of love, a good diet, toys to help them learn to play and have fun and, above all, enough space to move about and feel a sense of freedom.

Our feathered psittacine friends can spend the rest of their lives without fear of losing the security of their home and loved ones.

The refuge is run by a volunteer program and a few paid staff members, all of whom play an important role in the care and nurturing of the birds.

Our mission – To provide a "Home for Life" for previously-owned pet parrots
while educating the public regarding the unsuitability of parrots as pets.

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